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High Cholesterol – Homemade recipe against high cholesterol (Apple cider vinegar with water and honey)

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  • Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty, whitish, odorless substance that cannot be seen or perceived in the taste of food. The main types of cholesterol are good cholesterol (HDL), which must be above 60 mg/dL, and bad cholesterol (LDL), which must be below 130 mg/dL. Maintaining properly balanced blood cholesterol levels is important to ensure the proper functioning of the hormonal system and prevent cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack and stroke.

Cholesterol is one of the main functions of the liver and is affected when the fats we eat are of low quality. Through cholesterol, cells receive the amount of fat they need. If these are not the good type, our health will be affected, blocking the veins and arteries.

  • Main causes

Food saturated in animal fat.
Food produced from margarine (trans fat), this fat is the hydrogenated oil that in the body
helps produce bad cholesterol.

  • Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe to Reduce Cholesterol

1 liter of filtered water
½ liter of apple cider vinegar
½ glass of natural honey

  • Preparation

Mix all ingredients, store in the refrigerator. Consume 50 ml before breakfast and 50 ml before bed. In 8 weeks your cholesterol and triglyceride levels will be significantly low.

  • Drink Apple Cider Vinegar sold ready-made

You can find ready-to-drink Apple Cider Vinegar in some pharmacies in Japan.

  • One of the Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks sold in Japan

La.Vamont (ラ・バモント) 1.800ml

La.Vamont containing organic acids such as malic acid and citric acid, vitamin C, chlorella extract, royal jelly and others, several ingredients were mixed to be a refreshing drink being sweetened with low-calorie stevia.

A drink 6 times more concentrated (ready to drink), but it is recommended to dilute 25 ml in half a glass of water or juice, liqueur, cocktail, milk or yogurt, you can also mix it in salads and sandwiches. Recommended to take once a day.

It can be found in almost all Japanese pharmacies, costing around ¥1,980 yen.

  • Benefits

Prevents blood vessel contraction, increasing nitric oxide levels.
Balances alkalinity derived from eating habits.
It contributes to the diet, reducing weight because it dissolves fats.
Purifies the body of toxins.
Detoxifies the colon, therefore, improves digestion.
Promotes balance in the lymphatic system, contributing to the unhindered flow of blood.
Reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

  • Does Apple Cider Vinegar also help you lose weight?

There is a lot of talk that apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight. Acetic acid is one of the components of vinegar and it helps burn calories. Ingesting apple cider vinegar can increase feelings of satiety. According to a study carried out in Japan, obese participants who used vinegar for 12 weeks lost visceral fat and had a reduction in weight, waist circumference, triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Those who consumed 15 ml of vinegar every day lost an average of 1.2 kilos.

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