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Korean arrested for stealing cosmetics in Seto city

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Japan Guide 2021/03/10

Korean Lee Jae-joon, 39, was arrested for stealing cosmetics.

Lee is a representative of a registered trading company in Korea, he lives in Kanagawa Prefecture.

According to police, Lee is suspected of stealing 88 cosmetics worth 340,000 yen from a drugstore in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, along with four Vietnamese who had already been arrested and charged in October last year.

Lee would neither confirm nor deny the robberies, but one of the Vietnamese who had previously been arrested claimed he had stolen more than 100 boxes in 10 cities and Lee manages the stolen goods.

The stolen goods were mailed to a warehouse run by Lee’s trading company.

Police are investigating, assuming that Lee’s company has become a base to receive goods stolen by a Vietnamese group and export them abroad.

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