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Masked Police Car – Undercover

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As you exit, beware of the masked police car. The police increased the fleet of cars undercover.

At first glance, a masked police car is a police vehicle that looks like a general vehicle, and you cannot tell if it is a police vehicle but a normal vehicle.

Stay on alert, nowadays there are masked police cars everywhere, masked police cars are used to suppress speed violations, cell phone use, crossing yellow lane and crossing red traffic light or accelerating to pass when traffic light stays on Red. It is also widely used by investigator.

It’s hard for you to know if there’s a masked police car behind or near you, so be careful.

Of course, if you watch your speed and drive safely, you won’t get caught. I’ve even seen masked cars ticket a passenger car in Nagoya City, Toyota and Okazaki.

The most frequently used car models for undercover police cars are domestic sedans, Crown, Mark X, Subaru, Skyline, Legacy, Impreza, Crown Royal, Athlete S or G, and Mercedes-Benz. The most used colors in masked cars are black, white and silver. Regardless of model or color, the masked police car is a high speed secret car.

Usually the Masked Car is driven by two police officers, wearing police clothes, so if you see two people sitting in the front seats in the blue uniform of a domestic car, it is very likely that they are masked police cars.

Basically, there is no case where there is only one person in the driver’s seat, there are usually two, but it’s hard to say as most masked cars use tinted windows so that the inside of the car cannot be seen, so the police cannot be noticed. Therefore, you also need to be careful with home cars with movies.

The increase in masked police cars is not just in cities, on the express highways (Kōsokudōro) there are also many masked cars.

If you see an Athlete’s Crown on the highway, you might suspect it’s a masked police car. That’s because the Crown is the only Japanese car that was developed as a masked police car and was designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as a model. The appearance is the same as the Royal/Athletes series, and it is difficult to distinguish it from vehicles in general, so be careful.

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