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Regulation and Bicycle Insurance, be careful when riding a bicycle, as the fines can reach very high values

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When you buy or win a bike, register against theft

– When you buy a bicycle, you need to register it, like a new bicycle.

– When you win a bike it is necessary to change the registration name. Changing the owner’s name on the theft record can be done at the nearest bike shop. On this occasion, it is necessary to bring the Zaryu Card, bicycle registration card against theft (if you have it), the name change fee is 500 yen.

Bicycle Insurance

As of 10/1/2019, people who ride a bicycle will be required to be insured for bicycles.

Please be careful, see some cases:

– A 6th grade boy from an elementary school residing in the city of Kobe hit a 62-year-old woman who was walking. The elderly woman suffered a skull fracture and remains unconscious (2013). Fine amount 95.210.000 yen.

– A 15-year-old who was returning from school on a bicycle collided with a 60-year-old man who was walking. Due to bad weather, with heavy rains, the young man did not see the old man. The old man suffered a brain hemorrhage and died. Fine amount 41.590.000 yen.

Make sure you sign up for insurance.

Types of insurance that cover claims

– Kojin Baishousekinin hoken (insurance against individual indemnity), which is triggered when there is damage caused to third parties (health or property).

– Shougaihoken (accident insurance), which is triggered when the insured himself has an accident

Violations that generate fines

– It is forbidden to ride a bicycle under the influence of alcohol. The fine can reach up to 1 million yen or be sentenced to two years in prison..

– Bicycle riding is prohibited using headphones.

– Bicycling is prohibited while balancing an umbrella.

– It is forbidden to ride a bicycle and carry someone on the rump.

– It is prohibited to ride a bicycle side by side with another cyclist.

– Riding a bicycle using your cell phone is prohibited.

Bicycle Regulations

Japan tightened its grip on cyclists in June 2015, when a range of once-common behavior became infractions. Police across the country are keeping an eye on offenders, who can be notified and instructed to take a road safety course if they commit more than two offenses in less than two years.

Cyclists who have received warnings twice in less than 3 years for negligence of signs, violation of stop and other acts of dangerous or inappropriate driving. They will have to take a course within 3 months, if the person does not attend the course they will have to pay a fine of up to 50.000 yen.

Bicycles must park in the designated bicycle parking, otherwise the bicycle may be removed (taken away). If you do not park at the designated spot and simply park in front of the station, etc. The bicycle can be removed, for the removed bicycle to be returned you will have to pay a fee, the minimum fee is 3.000 yen, it can reach 6.000 yen (depending on the city).

Basic Rule

– The sidewalk is preferred by pedestrians. Cyclists should pedal slowly, get off if there are too many people, and avoid ringing the bell to demand clearance.

– The bicycle can only circulate on the sidewalk, when there is a sign that allows the circulation of bicycles and pedestrians, when the bicycle is ridden by a child under 13 years old, people over 70 years old and people with physical disabilities.

– The bicycle must always be on the left side of the road, never on the right side.

– Bicycles must stop at STOP and TRAFFIC lights.

– At night it is mandatory to light the bike.

– All children accompanied or not, it is mandatory to ride a bike with a helmet.

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