Rose Garden – Bara no Miyako-en

The true love story of two lovers, moving that gave rise to a large rose garden in the city of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. A fairy tale that enchants visitors who come to appreciate the flowers.

The rose garden, called Bara no Miyako-en (ば ら の 都 苑), opened in mid-May 2000, in honor of his wife Miyako. Mr. Kazuyuki Amano alone planted 1,500 roses of 300 different colored species in the field in thanks to his wife, who died of lung cancer.

Mr. Amano decided to build the garden shortly before the death of his 49-year-old wife. Life taught the true feeling of love.

He said Miyako has gone to great lengths to raise his three daughters, as well as running a tea plantation and helping with the family business. In gratitude for all these years of dedication, Mr. Amano dissolved the tea plantation to create a beautiful and wonderful rose garden on the 2,300 square meter plot, which can be visited for free at any time of day.

That’s how barako-em (ROSE GARDEN) was born, with the purpose that his great love would continue to smell the scent of fragrant roses, a garden with beautiful roses that has become a popular place for photographers to take photos of weddings, photos of pregnant women, children, models, etc …

The first wedding ceremony held in the garden was on May 23, 2015. For the beauty of the garden and the large three-dimensional sculptures colored with roses, such as castles, bridges, origami cranes, fascinating structures in the garden.

There are also “love” and “bonding” letters made of roses in the three-dimensional structure of the garden, but we can only see when the roses are in full bloom.

The garden is big, and not just roses, but weeping peaches in April, lilies in June, and lots of Christmas roses are planted.

An unforgettable tour full of love.

Credit/Photographer: Hashiguti Augusto

March to April: Pink Christmas

Early April: White, red and pink Peach Blossoms.

Beginning to end of May: Spring Roses

June: Lilies

Parking: Free.

Free Entrance.

Note: Leaving the garden there is a donation box, visitors can donate any amount to help Senhor Amano with the maintenance of the garden.

Shizuoka-ken Hamamatsu-shi Naka-ku Hanakawa-cho 1288

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