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Odoriyama Chorakuji Temple

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Chorakuji is a temple of the Tendai sect located in Agi in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture. There is a record that the temple was founded by Kakusuke, the priest of the Three Great Secrets, who was the founder of Sakurado Yakushi, during the Konin era between 810 and 823.

In February 1574, it was burned by Takeda Katsuyori who invaded Tono. The temple bell was taken by Takeda forces, since then, the temple has remained without a bell. And in 1944 it was rebuilt, when the Religious Organizations Law was enacted.

There is a huge ginkgo tree about 1,100 years old, 28 meters tall and the thickest part of the trunk is more than 8 meters long, which was designated a cultural property by Gifu Prefecture in 1962. The ginkgo tree survived the fire when Takeda invaded Tono, with only a part completely burned and every year in November it impresses with its size and the yellow tone of its leaves, receiving many visitors.

Gifu Nakatsugawa Agi 5866

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