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Toyota introduces Emergency 119 phone (ambulance or firefighter) with translator

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Japan Guide 2019/12/10

The Toyota City Fire Department Headquarters introduced the Multilingual Call Center system to respond to 119 incidents made by foreigners.

The emergency number 119 in the city of Toyota is available in 5 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, Chinese and Korean.

Emergency calls on the 119 telephone for foreigners are carried out through a simultaneous call (Trifone) between three people, that is, with the operator of the multilingual call center, and with the attendant of the fire department and the requester.

In case of a medical emergency or fire call 119, toll free, and the ambulance and fire service is also free.

In case of Medical Emergency: do not forget your hoken (health insurance card) in case you need to be taken to the hospital.

What is Triophone:

Triofone (Torio-hon) is a simultaneous telephone consultation service with an interpreter.

This system allows simultaneous conversation between three people, even people who do not understand Japanese can make inquiries using this system.

Available languages are Portuguese, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and others.

Note: The Torio-hon – Triofone, is offered to help foreign residents in Japan to communicate with institutions linked to the city, such as hospitals, city halls and public schools. Private companies or for commercial purposes will not be able to use this service.

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