Jokoro – Incense Burner

Jokoro(じょうころ)means incense burner, in Temples or Shrines it is used to put incense on altars, there is also a large incense burner between the main hall and the Portal.

Jokoro is used for body cleansing in Temples and Sanctuaries.

Since then, people have come to believe that the smoke from the incense burner has a healing effect.

That’s why visitors or worshipers gather around the incense burner. People gather around the Jokoro (incense burner) waving their hands so that the smoke covers their heads. Based on the fact that smoke is a cure or helps you get smarter.

Incense burners were brought from China to Japan at the end of the Sengoku era (feudal period), about 400 years ago.

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