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Swordsman Musashi Miyamoto

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Musashi Miyamoto was a swordsman in the early Edo period and the founder of martial arts Niten Ichiryu, who wields two swords, was called Master Swordsman or Master of the Sword, but his real name was Harunobu. In the history of martial arts, it can be said that he is the most famous swordsman not only in Japan, but also in the world.

Musashi was born in 1584 in Miyamoto Village, Mimasaka Prefecture (now Okayama Prefecture) and at the age of 13, he began full training in swordsmanship and became the great swordsman of Niten Ichiryu who never lost a single fight in over 60 duels.

He spent his last years in Kumamoto and wrote the Book of Five Rings, the book was written in 1643, when Musashi was 60 years old. And can be considered the culmination of Musashi, he died on May 19, 1645 at the age of 62.

Musashi is also known around the world as an artist, and his famous works are designated as important cultural properties, such as “Koboku Meigekizu”, “Uzu” and “Red Plum Dove”.

In Musashizuka Park in the city of Kumamoto, a bronze statue was erected in his honor.

And legend has it that in the mid-1500s, Musashi used Enmei and Niten waterfalls as a special training ground, making both waterfalls historically significant.


Musashi mentions the first half of his life in the Book of Five Rings. He practiced swordsmanship from a young age and at the age of 13, defeated Kihei Arima, a swordsman of Shinto-ryu for the first time. A 13-year-old boy defeats an adult who brags about his skills.

At the age of 16, he defeated a fierce man named Akiyama in Tajima Province and at the age of 21 he went to Kyoto and fought several battles with the strategists and won them all. Although there is no specific description, this includes three duels with the Yoshioka clan. After that, he traveled across the country and fought people from various schools over 60 times, but he never lost.

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