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One of Japan’s symbols

Torii são geralmente portais vermelhos ou alaranjados compostos de dois pilares verticais e unidos por uma viga horizontal que está sempre na entrada dos templos sagrados do Xintoísmo, a religião tradicional japonesa. Representa a abertura para um estado divino, simbolizando a passagem entre dois mundos.

A Torii is usually red because the Japanese believe that this color has the power to ward off disease. There are Torii made of stone, bronze and other materials as well, but the most common is to find red wooden portals and some have writing between the horizontal bars.

Temples may have one or more Torii, indicating the increasing proximity to the sacred site.

And when there are several Torri, placed in a line forming a kind of tunnel, they are placed by people in gratitude for something received.

Although traditionally a Japanese symbol, Torii can be found in other Asian countries such as China, India and Thailand.

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