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Kei Shaken – Mandatory Inspection

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Shaken, is a mandatory inspection, required by Japanese law, for all cars circulating in Japan. The inspection (shaken) is carried out every 2 years, but for new cars (0 km) the first inspection (shaken) is after 3 years and in addition the first inspection is much cheaper (less than half the price).

Many people end up paying dearly for third parties to do the SHAKEN of the car, in fact it is not that expensive, you can go do the Shaken yourself, if you have doubts the Japanese attendants are there to assist.

Items verified in Shaken are

  • wheel alignment
  • brake operation
  • Oil leak
  • Gas pollution level
  • Horn
  • Lamp operations: alert, turn signal, brake, reverse, headlight, license plate, windshield wiper and water jet
  • Operations of the lamps on the dashboard: handbrake and driver’s belt

The inspection can be done, by the owner of the car, or by a substitute.

It is recommended not to use the car with the Shaken expired, this will incur a fine.

Necessary Documents

  • Current mandatory insurance policy
  • Car record – Shaken-shou
  • Receipt of the last stamped Car Tax
  • Tenken – Car overhaul and maintenance voucher

※ Look for a car agency to do the inspection (Tenken).

Expenses to make Kei Shaken

  • Tax Rate
  • Liability insurance
  • Car weight tax (stamp)

Description / Values

  • Tax Fee, stamps are used to pay duties and taxes to the country. The stamp fee that must be paid at the time of vehicle inspection is the fee for issuing the inspection certificate. Postage costs vary depending on where the vehicle inspection is performed, usually between 1,100 yen to 1,800 yen.
  • Liability insurance is mandatory insurance that you must pay if you own a car. It is auto liability insurance, in case of an accident the insurance covers damages caused to another person. The insurance value for 2 years (24 months) is 25,870 yen.
  • Car weight tax (stamp), vehicle weight tax must pay on the shaken renewal date (vehicle inspection). Values:
  • Up to 12 years old – 5.000 yen
  • Up to 12 years ecological – 6.600 yen
  • Over 13 years – 8.200 yen
  • over 18 years – 8.800 yen

To make the SHAKEN you need to book in advance and this procedure is all done over the internet, on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (in Japanese only) https://www.kei-reserve.jp/smart/index.html. But you can do it in person too, but it should take longer.

Click here to know the Small Vehicle Inspection (Kei Shaken) locations


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