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Learn a little from the beginning to the end of the school term

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At the beginning and end of each term, an informal ceremony is held with all students and teachers. The bulletin is delivered at the closing ceremony of each period.

Students and parents or guardians must attend both the entrance and graduation ceremonies in formal dress.

Mother Clothing, the most common clothes are jacket, skirt or dress, corset, flesh-colored tights, pumps and bag. The color of the jacket, skirt or dress is white, cream, pastel to dark.

Clothing Father, usually wears a suit, the popular color of men’s suit is dark navy blue, dark gray and others. The shirt must be white or light in color.

School teachers usually visit each student’s home to learn a little about the daily lives of families. In addition, individual meetings or visits to the classroom are held so that parents can talk about their children’s school routine.

Close to graduation, a group trip is usually carried out with all final year students, under the supervision of teachers. The classes visit various locations and participate in various activities where they will acquire new experiences.

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