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Tsukimidai Observatory

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The Tsukimidai Observatory (Moon Square) is located inside the Tsukimi no Mori Park, with an altitude of 200 meters and a breathtaking 180 degree view during the day and especially at night, which is considered one of the 100 best places to observe the moon. Located in Kaizu City, Gifu Prefecture.

To reach the viewpoint, it is necessary to climb 258 steep steps, which give the sensation of climbing the moon. The 258 steps are named after Route 258, which leads to the observatory.

Climbing the infinite stairs to the moon, you will arrive at Moon Square (Tsukimi), by day you will be enchanted by the incredible view of Nobi Plain, you will also be able to see Gifu Castle, JR Central Tower, Mount Ena and the Mount Ontake.

At night you will be enchanted by the moon and city lights and if the weather is nice even the city lights of Nagoya can be seen glowing fantastically.

Inside the Park in the month of June we can appreciate the hydrangea flowers, there are more than 10 thousand hydrangeas that bloom this month (Hydrangea Festival).

Parking: Free (120 cars)

Place: Tsukimi no Mori

Gifu-ken Kaizu-shi Nanno-cho Hazawa

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