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Toyota City Oidaira Park Wind Suspension Bridge

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The Wind Suspension Bridge (Kaze no Tsuribashi) is located in Inabu District, Toyota City, Aichi.

The bridge was built in October 2010 to cross the Nagura River before the park was built, it is 86 meters long, 2 meters wide and 13 meters high.

You will walk across the wooden bridge and feel the wind rock the bridge as you walk, an incredible feeling. From the top of the bridge you can see the stream, the mountain trees and the small artificial waterfall, as well as feeling the nature and the breeze.

And if you want to see the entire majestic Suspension Bridge, just cross the bridge. At the top of the hill there is a viewpoint from which you can have a beautiful view of the bridge.

There is ample free parking with restrooms and drinks vending machines.

  • Tourist Attraction: Wind Suspension Bridge.
  • Length: 86 meters.
  • Width: 2 meters.
  • Height: 13 meters.
  • Observation platform: Available
  • Location: Oidaira Park, Toyota, Aichi.
  • WC: Available.
  • Parking: Available, free.

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