Ayu Waterfall

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Ayu Waterfall is located in Shinshiro City in the Kansa River Tenryu Okumikawa National Park, which is a tributary of the Toyokawa River. This small waterfall is only 4 meters high and 2 meters wide and is called Ayu waterfall because Ayu fish climb the waterfall in summer (June to September).

It is a waterfall famous for Kasami fishing, many people who like to fish come at this time to honor this famous Ayu fishing with net, a traditional fishing method called Kasa-net fishing (Kasami). According to documents, about 150.000 fish are caught annually.

Parking: Free (5 cars)

Trail: Less than 5 minutes walk

Foreigners at the Waterfalls of Japan

Aichi Shinshiro Suzawa Maebata 64-3

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