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Confirmed infection of “Omicron strain” in a foreigner in Kaizu city

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On the 11th, a new infection with the Omicron strain was confirmed in a 40-year-old foreigner who lives in the city of Kaizu, gifu province.

The person was infected with a mutated strain of the new coronavirus, the “Ômicron strain”, is the 13th case in Japan.

The man arrived at Narita airport on December 4 from Sri Lanka, as he was on the same plane as the fourth person infected with the omicron strain in Japan, he was recognized as a close contact.

A PCR test in Gifu Prefecture confirmed a positive result for the new corona, the person was infected with the Ômicron strain.

According to Gifu Prefecture, the man had a history of staying in Sri Lanka and returned to his home in the prefecture by car on December 5, but complained of further physical conditions on the evening of the 7th and was later hospitalized in a hospital a medical post in the town hall.

He had a fever in the 37 degree range on the 10th, but now his fever has gone down and no other symptoms are seen.

The man lives alone and no one has contacted him since he returned to Gifu Prefecture.

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