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Cosmos Flower Season at Hamanako Garden Park

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From the beginning of October each year, about 400.000 cosmos flowers begin to bloom in Hamanako Graden Park, a garden measuring about 3.000 meters in the city of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

Cosmos leaves are small and branched, the center of the stem is yellow and the petals bloom beautifully with pink, red and white flowers.

To make the moment more beautiful, the Park put a huge heart for people to take pictures with the cosmos appearing in the background.

If you look at the cosmos field from the observation tower which stands at a height of 50 meters, you will see the beautiful designs that were made by the cosmos flowers. They are themes that change every year, in this year’s theme is the pumpkin which is the orange color and the white color is the ghost.

Credit/Photographer: Hashiguti Augusto

It’s worth going up to the observatory to see these incredible geoglyphs.

Location: Cosmos Garden at Hamanako Garden Park, Hamamatsu

Season: From early to late October

Entrance: Free

Shizuoka Hamamatsu Nishi-ku Murakushi-cho 5475-1

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