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Kasuisai Temple Peony Festival

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The Peony Flower Festival at Kasuisai Temple in Fukuroi City is held every year from mid-April to early May, around 2,000 colorful peonies of 150 species bloom in the peony gardens.

During the festival, potted plants and peonies are sold, and light meals can be enjoyed in the rest area.

The peony garden at Kasuisai Temple was created by the 48th Zen priest Heki Mokusen, who brought peony seedlings from China. It was brought to Japan from China as a medicinal plant in the Nara period, and its cultivation became popular after the Edo period.

There are many famous haiku poems about peony, and one of the famous poem is “Two three pieces of peony are scattered and beaten on top of each other”. In addition, it has been used as painting and a family coat of arms.

  • Location: Kasuisai Temple
  • Peony Flower: about 2,000 peonies of 150 species.
  • Date: mid-April to early May.
  • Admission: 500 yen.
  • Parking: Free.
  • WC: Available.

Shizuoka Fukuroi Kuno 2915-1

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