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Good Comments

  1. (2019) The staff are attentive and the phones work well. The big problem is that the stores are always crowded and service is very slow.
  2. (2019) I have used dokomo services for years. I never had any problems. Very good telephone service.
  3. (2019) I was a docomo customer for 12 years, I loved it and I moved to Au I regret it, I’m canceling my contract next month and going back to docomo where I should never have left.
  4. (2020) Very good, I’ve always used it without any problems.
  5. It’s not that good, but as there are no other options, I’m a user of this operator.

Bad Comments

  1. 2021 junho >> Crap, docomo’s hikari stopped working properly and I’m also slow. I went to docomo not even to ask to fix it, a piece of crap is only kind when we get in, when there are complaints that it’s not working well, it’s not there, she said it’s not possible to fix it and said to change provider, hikari, I canceled and a charge of 8,000 yen came, after 2 and a half years of use and I stopped because of them so I asked why I was charged if you were the ones who ordered the exchange (in fact they don’t want any work to be done, as I went several times during a month and nothing), so I said why are they charging, then they replied = because it’s a cancellation, even if it’s our mistake, the docomo goat (they wanted to say that the docomo can’t lose), get fed up and I called the police and the police said they couldn’t do anything, that docomo is a large company, it’s a very cold company (the police officer’s word). with big companies like this we can’t leak anything. Docomo just wants to take advantage, as the police himself said. In Japan there are no small claims, that’s why docomo takes advantage of customers, if you are going to use docomo or their internet, pray that you don’t have a problem, because if you do, you will only have a loss.
  2. It’s been a while since I heard anyone speak.
  3. (2021) docomo is good but as long as there are no problems, many people say good things because they didn’t have any problems, they were lucky, but if there is a problem they don’t solve it, they keep throwing it from one to the other, and even everything that docomo does they want to charge a fee, And it’s their problem, they charge a fee even if I can’t fix it, even if I call the center, they say that if I don’t pay to look for the problem, they can’t do anything, especially if it’s the internet, be careful.
  4. (2021) I went to docomo 3 times and it didn’t solve anything, I had to change operator.
  5. (2020)ドコモ光のお引越ししようと思い、こちらの店舗に行きましたがまず、担当の方が光について知識無さすぎです。 元々Aタイプを使っていたのに、Bタイプをオススメしてきた。AタイプBタイプどちらも速度は変わらない→値段だけ高くなる 何がメリットなんでしょうか?笑 高くなるだけなら、デメリットですよね笑 なにか、会社でお客様にBタイプをお勧めして下さいと言われているんですかね?笑 要するに、お客様にあった提案が出来ていないという点です。契約内容も高いのに、高くなるルーターをオススメしてくるなんてぼったくりですよね。ひかりTVもオススメされたのですが、まず家にテレビが何台あるかも確認せずにひかりTVをオススメするなんて有り得ない! ここのドコモショップ、金泥棒なので知識がないまま、店員さんの指示に従っていると損しているかもしれませんよ。 (Translated by Google) >> I went to this store to move the docomo Hikari, but first of all, the person in charge has very little knowledge about Hikari. I originally used type A, but I recommended type B. Speed doesn’t change as much for type A as it does for type B → Price increases What are the benefits? Lol If it gets louder, it’s a disadvantage, isn’t it? Is the company telling you to recommend type B to your customers? Lol In short, we were unable to make a suitable proposal to our customers. Even if the contract details are high, it is a fraud to recommend an expensive router. Hikari TV was also recommended, but it’s impossible to recommend Hikari TV without first checking how many TVs there are at home! This is a docomo store, a store that just wants to make money, so if you follow the clerk’s instructions without any knowledge, you could be losing a lot.
  6. 特に何もない、ドコモでなくてもいいかなと毎回思わせてくれます (Translated by Google) >> Nothing in particular, but it always makes me think that it’s not necessary to be a docomo.
  7. 星をつけたくないくらい男店員の態度が悪かった。腹が立った (Translated by Google) >> The employee’s service was so bad that he doesn’t deserve to star. I was angry.
  8. Long waiting time, you still have to come back again, because it doesn’t work.

  9. Very high service fees, terrible service, I advise looking for another operator, ex softbank.
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