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Good Comments

  1. Since I arrived in Japan in 2000, I have never changed cell phone companies, so I can’t give an opinion about other operators. This does not mean that during all these years my satisfaction with AU is 100%. I think there are always pros and cons.

  2. Nothing to complain about, except the cash back advertising which is generally a lie.

Bad Comments

  1. The phones work well, but the diversification of devices and plans leaves something to be desired.
  2. This operator camouflages a lot of things, offers cash back, to deceive customers, has a lot of poor service

  3. Au has terrible service and the prices are very high.

  4. Bundled sales packages mainly in relation to the Internet and average antenna reception.

  5. João Suzuki (2021), At lunchtime and at night, sometimes the internet doesn’t even work, I complained and they said it was peak time, that’s a joke
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