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Hataoribuchi Waterfall

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Hataoribuchi waterfall has two levels, but only the lower one can be fully seen and is about 20 meters high and the second waterfall is said to be about 10 meters giving a total of 30 meters.

The waterfall is a tributary of the Kawachi River in the Tenryu Ward of Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka.

As we can see in the photo, there is a small entrance between the guardrail and the road, the trail to the waterfall is well maintained, so it is easy to walk and it takes about 7 minutes to reach the waterfall.

  • Location: Tenryu Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.
  • Waterfall: Hataoribuchi (with two falls).
  • Height: The upper one is about 10 meters and the lower one is 20 meters, totaling 30 meters.
  • Access: Trail (about 7 minutes)
  • Entrance: Free
  • Parking: Not available (but you can park on the side of the road).
  • WC: Not available.

The plaque with the name of the Waterfall tells a sad legend (From the old tale of Sakuma)

It is said that a samurai named Magobei Hida, defeated in the Battle of Nagashino, arrived at Shimodaira village with his wounded body and was cared for by a father and daughter named Ogin, who completely healed his battle wounds, and he decided to stop to be a samurai and started to live in the village as a farmer. However, one day a hunter warrior appeared and he became a samurai again.

Ogin who was left by her beloved Magobei, threw herself from the waterfall while holding the wedding dress that she herself had woven. After that, it is said that there was a man playing the shakuhachi sadly for a long time at the waterfall.

Shizuoka Hamamatsu Tenryu-ku Sakuma-cho Sakuma

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