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Hyakuken Waterfall

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Hyakuken Waterfall (百間滝) is located on the upper reaches of the Oshima River, in a valley formed by Japan’s largest fault zone, the Central Tectonic Line. It is an obvious flaw that can be seen in the waterfall basin. You can also see a pot hole, formed at the head of the waterfall.

Hyakuken is the largest waterfall in Aichi Prefecture, located in Shinshiro City and in recent years it has also been known as a tourist spot and visited by many people. The length of the waterfall is about 120 meters (head 43 meters). The waterfall is also famous for being a power point called “Zero Magnetic Waterfall”. The power of “Ki” that heals the mind and body.

You can’t see the entire waterfall from below because it’s covered in trees and curves in the middle, but when you go down you can see the full picture of the waterfall and its overwhelming beauty!

There is a spring (water spout) near the entrance to the waterfall, where people come to get water.

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