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Iwagaike Park – Kariya Highway Oasis

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The Kariya Highway Oasis complex, located in Kariya City, Aichi, offers more than just a rest stop for expressway travelers. It is one of the most visited spots in the region with an incredible park for the family.

At Iwagaike Park, kids can enjoy a variety of children’s toys (age-targeted) such as baby games, free playground, and a super-cheap little amusement park for kids, worth 50 yen to 100 yen.

Amusement Park

There is a cover in the park for families to picnic and tables spread out in the park under the shade of the trees.

In summer, children can play in the water jets that come out of the ground or fountains.

In June of each year we can celebrate the hydrangea flower festival.

Every year we can enjoy the incredible winter lighting that starts in mid-November to mid-January, from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Entrance: Free
Parking: Free
Festival of Hydrangeas: From 1st to 30th of June
Winter Lighting: Mid-November to mid-January

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