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Jouganesan Observatory

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The Jouganesan Observatory (Osaku Castle Ruins), is located in the Fujioka neighborhood of Toyota City. From the observation deck, you can see the entire Fujioka region and Mount Sanage. The viewpoint has an altitude of about 220 meters.


The walk to the observatory starts with a steep staircase, then just follow the trail to your left for about 30 minutes (600 meters), on the trail there is a rest hut and bench to take a break.

Rest Area

Almost reaching the observatory you will find a playground then the small Jizo shrine and the observatory.


There is also a small waterfall. After climbing the stairs there is a sign indicating that the trail on the right leads to the waterfall (the sign is written in Japanese), but there is no mistake, just follow the trail on the right for about 5 minutes.

Aichi-ken Toyota-shi Mitsukurichō Uenotaira

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