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Jurou Waterfall

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Jurou Waterfall (寿老の滝) is a beautiful 10-meter high waterfall with a strong drop, located in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture.

The waterfall has a shallow basin, children and adults can enter the waterfall, beside the waterfall there is a covered resting place, there is also a public toilet on site.

In the beautiful waterfalls of Japan, we always find foreigners.

The river is shallow, ideal for children and full of trees that provide shade to cool off from the Japanese heat. A very pleasant place to spend the weekend with family or friends, making that good barbecue, it also has a covered resting place by the river.

There is a small free parking lot for about 10 cars, in the summer it gets crowded so the cars stop in the lane.

Note: In winter, the waterfall sometimes freezes, making it a wonderful setting.

Gifu-ken Ena-shi Yamaoka-cho Shimotouge

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