Kamo Iris Garden

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A beautiful iris garden of the ancient historical and traditional Kamo Shrine of Toyohashi City, which is said to have been built in the first year of the Tennyo period (729).

At the entrance to the sanctuary, there is a vast garden with approximately 37,000 iris (Hana-Shobu) plants of more than 300 species. From the end of May to mid-June every year the Hana-Shobu Iris Festival takes place, this festival is held to celebrate the flowers that bloom.

During the Iris festival period, many events held on the weekends are scheduled to entertain visitors, with stalls selling local market products, street artist shows, tea service and sometimes horse riding. At night, the iris flowers are dazzling with night lighting until 9 pm.

  • Location: Kamo Iris Garden (Toyohashi – Aichi).
  • Date: End of May to Mid-June.
  • Parking: Free.
  • WC: Available.
  • Lighting: Until 9pm.

    About the Garden:

    As a tourism development project, Kamo Shobuen began maintenance in 1965, for 6,300 square meters of land owned by Kamo Shrine and owned by Toyohashi City.

    And in 1978, night lighting was installed to make the place more beautiful. And to attract more visitors, in 1988 the Garden was expanded on the east side.


    The shrine is deeply connected to the famous warrior Tokugawa Ieyasu, and it is said that he visited this shrine during the Invasion of Enshu and the Nagashino War, he stopped at this shrine to pray.

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