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Odaka Park Plum Blossom Festival

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Red and white colored plum blossoms bloom throughout Odaka Park, making it a popular spot for plum tree viewing in Nagoya City, Aichi.

Approximately 400 flowers of various types of plums have been planted in the park, so the flowering times are different, you can see the plums from mid-February to mid-March each year. In addition, the Plum Blossom Festival has several food stalls, such as Goheimochi rice balls and sale of flower seedlings.

  • Location: Odaka Park, Nagoya.
  • Type: 400 flowers of various types of plums.
  • Date: Every year from mid-February to mid-March. (may vary slightly depending on the season).
  • Parking: Free
  • WC: Available

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