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Kaore Plum Blossom Festival

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The Kaore Plum Festival is an annual event that takes place every year from late February to mid-March in Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture.

About 1.500 plums of seven varieties, including Nanko, are scattered on the mountain slopes of the village, leaving a unique Japanese scene.

In fact, it is not a plum garden created for tourist purposes, but a village where edible plums are grown. Therefore, there is no specific entry time and the fee is free. Most are white flowers because the purpose is to pick plum fruits.

Plum seedlings have been planted in Kaore neighborhood since 1955, at the moment about 1.500 plums are cultivated leaving the village surrounded by white flowers at this time and many people come to visit, getting crowded.

During the “Plum Blossom Festival“, shops selling plum products, Gohei mochi, dumplings, plums, plum jam and other plum products are opened in various parts of the village.


Date: late February to mid-March (may vary slightly depending on the season).

Type: 1.500 plum blossoms

Location: Shinshiro Ebikawamukai 11

Entrance: Free

Parking: Free

Aichi Shinshiro Kawamukai 11

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