Ice Waterfall

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Inabu Hyobaku is an ICE WATERFALL located in Hyobaku Yusui Park in Toyota City in Aichi, every year from January to the end of February many people (tourists) visit the Ice Waterfall, to take beautiful photos during the day and the night from 6pm until 9pm colorful lighting show.

This beautiful artificial ice waterfall was built by Mr. Matsui Takayoshi in 2011.

According to an interview with Japan Guide, Mr. Matsui said that the Inabu district has many attractions in the summer, but in the winter there were no attractions, so he thought about how he could contribute to the district and built the ice waterfall to attract tourists, a lot of people loved it, starting to attract many tourists.

He says he is very happy, because the ice waterfall is very famous and attracts a lot of people.

To get to the ice waterfall, from the parking lot, cross the walkway (small bridge), turn left and walk for about two minutes.



  • Tourist Attraction: Ice Waterfall
  • Location: Inabu District, Toyota, Aichi.
  • Date: beginning of January to end of February.
  • Lighting: from 6pm to 9pm.
  • Free Entrance
  • Parking: Free (Oidaira Park parking lot)
  • WC: Available (Oidaira Park)

Note: The date changes according to freezing to melting, that is, when it starts to snow in Japan.

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