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Mandaraji Park Wisteria Festival

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In 1970, Mandaraji Temple donated a portion of its land to the city of Konan, and the donated portion became the famous Japanese wisteria site with about 60 wisteria of 12 species spread across the 4,700 square meters of the park.

Wisteria comes into full bloom during the transition from spring to early summer, a spectacular wisteria festival (Fuji Festival), held annually from mid-April to early May.

It gets quite crowded during the wisteria festival, but there are plenty of free parking lots around the park.

  • Location: Mandaraji Park
  • Wisteria: about 60 wisteria of 12 types.
  • Date: mid-April to early May.
  • Entrance: Free.
  • Parking: 500 yen for 3 hours.
  • WC: Available.

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