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Matsudaria Haru Festival

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Matsudaira District Spring Festival

The Festival begins on Saturday night with the opening ceremony and hand-held fireworks and on Sunday the main festival is held with a procession called Mikoshi-togyo that leaves Matsudaira Toshogou Shrine and goes to Kogetsuin Temple.

It is the Spring Festival in the Matsudaira neighborhood of Toyota City in Achi-ken, held every year in April (Saturday and Sunday) closest to the 17th, which is Ieyasu Tokugawa’s birthday. It is a traditional festival over 400 years old, famous for the origin of Mr. Matsudaira from the Tokugawa family.

  • Location: Matsudaira District, Toyota City, Aichi.
  • Date: Every year on the second Saturday and Sunday of April. (Saturday and Sunday closest to the 17th).
  • Saturday: opening ceremony and fireworks display.
  • Sunday: new opening ceremony and parade.
  • Parking: 100 spaces (free)

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