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Komodeshi Waterfall

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Komodeshi Waterfall is about 8 meters high and is located in the city of Toyota in Aichi Prefecture.

The waterfall is in a pleasant place that takes only 5 minutes to walk on a small trail of about 100 meters, signposted with some flags, just go ahead and cross the small stream and when the river appears on your right, the waterfall is right there!

Parking is on the side of the entrance, a small area with capacity for 3 cars.

  • Location: Tsuzurasawacho, Toyota.
  • Waterfall: Komodeshi.
  • Height: 8 meters
  • Access: Trail
  • Activities: Bath.
  • Free entrance.
  • Parking: A small space available (Capacity 3 cars). Bathroom: Not available.

Aichi Toyota Tsuzurasawacho

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