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Korankei Autumn Leaves

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Korankei is a valley of Asuke (足助) is a neighborhood (village) that is part of the city of Toyota, Asuke was an ancient small town, today incorporated into the city of Toyota.

Asuke is well known because of Korankei, which is famous for its autumn leaves. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Aichi Prefecture region, especially at this time from the end of October to the beginning of December.

Korankei transforms into a spectacle of 4.000 red and yellow trees that give the impression that the mountain is on fire. It’s a nature contemplation spot with special winter lighting until 9pm, and probably the best place to go in Toyota if you want to experience Japan’s beautiful autumn.

Every day a very large number of people go there to observe the changing colors of the vegetation, in addition, there is a fantastic food fair, where you can experience all the peculiarities of Japanese cuisine.

Night Lighting

  • Autumn leaf season: Late October to early December.
  • Lighting: 1st until 30th November.
  • Hour: until 9pm.

Aichi-ken Toyota-shi Asukecho Iimori

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