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Futamurayama Observatory

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Futamurayama Observatory sits on top of a small mountain in Toyoake City and is the highest point in the city at an altitude of 71.8 meters. The observatory offers a 360 degree view in all directions, where couples eagerly await the weekend to enjoy this beautiful night view of the city at the Futumurayama Observatory.

Futumurayama Observatory is 13.5 meters high and was built in 1971, first renovated in April 1990, and in 2007 the facility was renovated with subsidies from Aichi Prefecture, such as expenses for tourist facilities.

There is an external light from the parking lot to the observatory, which is about 200 meters long, but the stairs to the observatory are completely dark, so if you come at night it is recommended to bring a flashlight.

It was formerly known as Mt. Okebama (400 years ago). Yoshimoto Imagawa’s main headquarters are said to have been placed in Futamurayama, at the time of the battle between Oke Nobunaga and Yoshimasa Imagawa.

Many people say they saw spirits or ghosts in the dark (at night) at Futamurayama Observatory. There are some urban legends related to the Futamurayama Observatory.

Parking: Free

Sakura Season (Cherry Blossom)

City at Night: Lighting

Night: Without lighting, it is necessary to bring a flashlight.

Aichi-ken Toyoake-shi Kutsukake-cho Saraikekami

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