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Mount Iwasu Observatory at Iwayado Park

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Mount Iwasu Observatory (岩巣山展望台) at Iwayado Park and located in Seto City, Aichi. Many adventurous people and family members come to walk on this trail with a 600-meter path in nature to reach the observatory. Arriving at the observatory you will contemplate a beautiful view of the valley and the city.

In the park there are two trails that lead to the observatory.

The first trail is the easiest (recommended), the trail starts right at the entrance of the park near the Gyoumyougataki Waterfall and next to the Sanctuary, you will pass through the Torii (traditional Japanese gate) and the bamboo grove, from there the trail becomes gradually steeper (the trail is well signposted).

The second trail is located at the back of Parque Iwayado, close to the second waterfall in the park (Otaki Waterfall), this trail is recommended for people with better physical conditions and for those who like adventure, as the entire ascent is quite steep, with huge rocks and stone steps, this trail is also well signposted, but it is the most tiring.

Parking: Free (capacity 180 cars)

Aichi-ken Seto-shi Iwaya-cho

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