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Tame Waterfall

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Tame Waterfall (多米の不動滝) is a small 4-meter waterfall that runs along the top of the beautiful Asakura River that runs through Toyohashi City, Aichi. With a very interesting cave next to it and at the top of the waterfall there is a Sanctuary.

Tame Waterfall (ためのふどうたき) is less than a hundred meters from the side of the road, there is no sign indicating it and you cannot see it from the road, you have to park your car and walk on the trail for about 2 minutes (at the entrance from the trail there is a vacant lot that you can park, it can fit two cars (see photo below).

It looks like a hole, but actually you can get in, from what I saw it’s a very long and interesting cave, I went in and walked about 15 minutes and I didn’t see the end, where it goes I don’t know. The entrance is very low, it must be about 1 meter or so, you have to bend down to enter.

If someone is going to venture inside the cave, take a flashlight, as it is very dark and also take a rain boot (if you have one), because the ground is very damp.

If anyone ventures into the cave and goes to the end or walks more than 15 minutes, leave your comment below so we can know what it’s like, and if possible send photos.

Aichi-ken Toyohashi-shi Tame-cho Takinoya

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