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Okuni Shrine Autumn Leaves

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Every November, many tourists visit Okuni Shrine to see the 1,000 autumn leaf trees of various sizes along the Miyagawa River.

Red and yellow autumn leaves are reflected in the Miyagawa River, creating a backdrop of breathtaking beauty.

Viewing the autumn foliage, surrounded by ancient cedars and cypresses, is a special space unique to a sanctuary. The total distance is 1 kilometer and the time required is about 40 minutes.

At night, when the lights start to come on, the Miyagawa River becomes a magical sight, and many people gather at the red bridge and along the river to admire the autumn leaves and take photos.

  • Location: Okuni Shrine, Mori-cho, Shizuoka
  • Autumn Leaves: Mid-November to early December
  • Autumn leaf lighting: from mid-November, from 17:00 to 20:30
  • Free entrance
  • Parking: Free (capacity 900 cars)
  • WC: Available

Shizuoka Shuchi District Ichinomiya

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