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Sekiganji Temple

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According to the temple’s history, Sekiganji Temple (赤岩寺), was opened by Yukimoto in the Nara era (762) at the request of Emperor Seibu. Located in Toyohashi City, Aichi.

During the Heian period, it was converted to the Shingon sect and prospered as the last temple on Mount Takano. It was destroyed by fire in 1913, except for the mountain gate, main hall and Aizen-do.

The statue of Aizen Myo is Kamakura’s last work and considered an important cultural asset in the country.

The surrounding area is a mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous trees, where you can enjoy the cherry blossom season, red autumn leaves.

Behind the temple is a small path that leads to the Akaiwa Observatory, which is 111.4 meters high. A circular observatory where we can see the area around Toyohashi City.

Parking: Free

Aichi-ken Toyohashi-shi Tame-cho Akaiwayama

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