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Squirrel Zoo – Kinka Chipmunk Village

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Japan is famous for its many animal attractions, one of which is the squirrel village (squirrel zoo), which is located on Mount Kinka along with Gifu Castle.

In 1965, the first squirrel village in Japan was opened, located in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture. Kinka Squirrel Village is the second most popular zoo in Gifu Prefecture.

To get to Squirrel Village just take the cable car from Mount Kinka, the zoo is a little small but still extremely fun, you can play and feed the squirrels, don’t be alarmed if some squirrels climb on you, they are all tame .

Opening Hours:

  • From 9:30 to 16:30 │ Admission: 200 yen

Cable Car │ Ticket

  • 550 yen round trip from 4 to 11 years old │ 300 yen one way.
  • 1.100 yen round trip over 12 years old │ 630 yen one way.

Squirrel Village

After visiting this beautiful squirrel village, you can continue up Mount Kinka and visit the highest and most beautiful observatory in Gifu at an altitude of 329 meters, free of charge.

Gifu Castle

And just above it is the famous Gifu Castle, which you can see for just 200 yen.

Gifu-ken Gifu-shi 18

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