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Okazaki Samurai Ieyasu Festival Cherry Blossom Festival

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The Ieyasu Festival is one of the joys of the city of Okazaki with its rich history, as it is the birthplace of the Hero of Unification Tokugawa Ieyasu, the Ieyasu festival is the main event amidst the festivities of the cherry blossom (sakura) season, which takes place in Okazaki Park.

Ieyasu was a famous samurai who became a shogun, known for being a brilliant tactician who fought and won many great battles for the Emperor.

This festival offers a chance to not only remember Ieyasu’s legacy, but also to recognize the performance of the Mikawa warriors, including the four generals who serve the Tokugawa clan.

Every year, a different celebrity is chosen to play the role of Ieyasu, so the crowds are always full of curious people.

Around 1.000 people dressed as warriors and knights parade along with Samurai Ieyasu, creating something of a time-lapse of the Edo Period. Starting with the opening ceremony at the famous Iga Hachimangu jinja Shrine, the parade runs about 3.5m into the park from Okazaki (Otogawa River).

This parade is made up of cavalry, warriors carrying weapons and others with spears, archers with bows and arrows, and so on. Actors perform a reenactment of a battle, showing a ninja clan trying to take the castle, Ieyasu and his samurai warriors repel the attack.

  • Date: The festival is held every year on the first Sunday in April
  • Time: From 1:30pm.

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