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Mount Kinka Observatory

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Mount Kinka Observatory (金華山) is a viewpoint with a 270° view and represents one of the symbols of the city of Gifu.

A wonderful view from the top of Mount Kinka, where Gifu Castle is located, but you can only reach the observatory on foot by footpath or cable car. The ascent is free on the trail, but you can go up to the top by cable car (about 4 minutes), which makes the ride even more interesting and enjoyable. Children from 4 to 11 years old pay 550 yen for the cable car, from 12 years old pay 1.100 yen.

From the observatory, you can see the direction of Kakamigahara City and much of Gifu City, you can also enjoy an amazing night view.

At night the Kinka observatory is visited by many couples, becoming a romantic place with a breathtaking view and dynamics with night lighting.

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