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Higashiyama Botanical Garden

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The famous botanical garden in the city of Nagoya has about 7.000 types of plants and was opened in 1937 with an area of 27.37 hectares and includes the huge Greenhouse that was declared a World Heritage Site in 2006.

In the botanical garden, the plants are arranged to take advantage of the natural terrain, so that you can enjoy the atmosphere of the four seasons.


In 1956, one of the famous and valuable Gassho style houses from Shirakawa Village of Gifu Prefecture was moved to the garden, so that visitors can see and appreciate the ancient Japanese culture.


The front building of the large greenhouse in the botanical garden was built when the botanical garden was opened in 1937 and is the oldest existing greenhouse in Japan with about 66 meters long and 12 meters high and consists of five parts.

The Front Building was designated heritage in 2006, and the Back Building was opened in 1960. In the area called Koukan you can see plants that grow in tropical and subtropical climates.

The flower garden is on a high place with a breathtaking view. You can enjoy different types of flowers depending on the year and season. The botanical garden hosts several exhibitions throughout the year, a scenario that changes with the seasons, offering you new surprises, no matter how many times you visit the garden.


Every year from mid-March to late April you can enjoy the wonderful cherry blossom corridor with around 1000 cherry trees of 100 different varieties bloom and at dusk you can enjoy the amazing and unique lighting of the beautiful cherry blossoms.

AZALEA FESTIVAL (Rhododendrons)

The Azalea festival takes place every year from late April to mid-May, in an area of 6.000 square meters, with about 900 flowering shrubs and trees and about 150 species, including the spring type.


In the rose garden you can enjoy around 900 colorful roses of 230 types every year from mid-May to early June.


Every year in the month of November around 200 maple trees of 60 varieties around Lake Okuike and the Japanese Garden embellish the botanical garden in red and at dusk you are dazzled by the incredible, incredible, incredible lighting.

  • Location: Nagoya, Aichi.
  • Hours: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Closed: every Monday.
  • Entrance Fee: Adults 500 yen / Children free.
  • Cherry Blossom Season: Every year from mid-March to late April.
  • Azalea Season (Rhododendron): Every year from late April to mid-May.
  • Rose Season: Every year from mid-May to early June.
  • Autumn Leaf Season: Every year in the month of November.
  • Parking: 800 yen (over 1,600 spaces available).

Nagoya Chikusa-ku Higashiyama Motonachi 3-70

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