Sejiri Fudo Falls

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Sejiri Fudo Waterfall (瀬尻不動の滝), is a powerful waterfall with a total height of 120 meters with a series of steps, the main drop being 32 meters, located in the Tenryu district of Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

The waterfall is located on the northern part of the slightly steep mountain road Route 152 and is under the Sejiri Bridge, so an observation deck was built in 2006.

The stairs leading to the platform are next to the parking lot and when you reach the observation platform you can hear the rumble and observe this powerful and magnificent waterfall.

Sejiri Fudo Waterfall was selected as one of Hamamatsu’s 100 New Natural Sites.

  • Waterfall: Sejiri Fudo
  • Location: Tenryu Hamamatsu
  • Activities: Not available for bathing.
  • Points: Observation Deck available.
  • Entrance: Free.
  • Parking: 3 spaces, free.
  • WC: Not available.

Shizuoka Hamamatsu Tenryu Tatsuyamacho Sejiri 887-4

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