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Children’s Country – Kainan Kodomo no kuni

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Children’s Country (Kodomo no kuni) is a children’s playground that opened in 1975 with about 100.000 square meters in the town of Yatomi in Aichi-ken. With lots of toys, vehicles and a swimming pool for the summer. In addition to having many free entertainment options, it has some paid toys with affordable prices, costing only 50 yen.

Wave-shaped toys (made of rubber block), for kids to run, jump and have fun. Pedal cars, pedal boats, fire engines, two big slides, swings, maze, roller skates, playground equipment (made of logs) very exciting.



Skate Area

Wave-shaped toys (made of rubber block)

Big Children’s Slide

Stone Lake

Pedal Boat

Pedal Racing Car

Swimming pool (summer only)

Admission: Free / Parking: Free

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm.

Pedal cart: 50 yen (track 500 meters long).

Pedal boat: 50 yen (10 minutes).

Pool: 200 yen (summer only).

Aichi-ken Yatomi-shi Toriganji-cho Nitanda 1238

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