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Natsuyake Jogayama Observatory

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Natsuyake Jogayama Observatory (展望台夏焼城ヶ山) was built after the turn of the New Year, on the first day of the year 2019 on top of the mountain and is a really splendid observatory and has become famous in Inabu and surrounding area, located in Toyota City, Aichi.

And according to the Inabu Light Mountain Hiking Guide (2018 version) by the Inabu Tourist Association, the top of the mountain had a castle, during the period of the North and South Courts.

There are about 5 different trails to get to the observatory and the mountain trails are well maintained and well signposted with lots of signs.

  • Inoiri Route: walking 40 minutes.
  • Mano Route: walking 40 minutes.
  • Natsuyaki Route: walking 50 minutes.
  • Oidaira Route: walking 48 minutes.
  • Tsukikadaira Route: walking 130 minutes.

The trail I took is the Rota Mano which takes about 40 minutes to reach the observatory which is at an altitude of 889 meters, from here you can see the urban landscape of Inabu, the Inabu Country Club to the north and the mountains of Ena, the Hakusan Mountain and Ontake Mountain.

It seems that every year several people climb the mountain to reach the observatory as a gesture of good health and peace for the coming year, a cold season usually with snow, so red bean soup (zenzai) and grilled mochi (yakimochi) are made and is served to everyone to warm the body and soul.

  • Location: Inabu, Toyota.
  • Tourist Attraction: Natsuyake Jogayama Observatory.
  • Altitude: 889 meters.
  • Activities: Hiking, Mountain (not recommended at night).
  • Entrance: Free.
  • Parking: Free.
  • WC: Only available in the Parking Lot.

Aichi Toyota Natsuyakecho Inabu-cho

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