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Maternity Benefit (出産手当金 – shusan teate kin)

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This benefit aims to financially assist the family, so that the pregnant woman has a safe and peaceful birth.

Only the pregnant woman who is the holder of the shakai hoken will receive this aid. Pregnant women who are not registered with shakai hoken will not be able to apply. If she is dependent on her spouse or partner, she will not benefit.

Since April 1, 2014, the worker and the employer have been exempt from paying shakai hoken during leave. This request must be made during maternity leave at the social security office.

The mother will receive the aid in the period of 42 days prior to the expected date of birth and in the 56 days following the birth of the baby, as long as she is not receiving a salary or benefits from the company.

An average of two thirds of the salary will be granted (calculated on the daily value). Before birth After birth Total 98 days 42 days 56 days Expected date of birth The total number of days received may vary, depending on whether the birth date is advanced or delayed.

This assistance must be requested from the company so that it can enter the shakai hoken office. Even if the worker leaves the company during or before maternity leave, has been a social security contributor for more than 1 year and does not work on the day she leaves the company, she continues to have the right to receive the benefit.

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