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Nijoga Waterfall

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Nijoga Waterfall (二畳ヶ滝) is about 30 meters high and 7 meters wide, with a basin (natural pool), located along Route 338 on the Gunkai River in Toyota City, Aichi.

The waterfall is on the border between Toyota City and Okazaki City and it is said that the name of the waterfall is because the bedrock is divided into two falls and when it rains heavily the amount of water increases, making it a powerful and incredible waterfall.

  • Location: Takiwacho, Toyota.
  • Entrance: Free
  • Activities: Available for bathing.
  • Access: Stairs
  • WC: Not available.
  • Parking: two small stops, one in freight with a capacity of 6 cars and another 5 cars going up the street a little.

Aichi Toyota Takiwakicho Ohimuki

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