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Sanage Nanataki – Sanage Seven Waterfalls

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The Sanage Nanataki (猿投七滝) is a name given because it has seven small waterfalls that cross the Hirosawa River, a tributary of the Yahagi River, in the northern part of Toyota City from Mount Sanage. A very good place for those who like to walk in nature, an incredible adventure in this beautiful nature.

The seven waterfalls are: Bloodwashing waterfall, Futatsumagaki waterfall, Shiraki waterfall, Chidori waterfall, Shirakiku waterfall, Otome waterfall, and Hirosawa waterfall.

Chiarainotaki「2 meters of fall」

It is a waterfall located in the innermost part of Sanage Nanachidaki.

Futatsugama「5 meters drop」

Two similar waterfalls.

Shirogiri「4 meters of fall」

The water runs as if over large rocks. It’s like a waterfall in another waterfall.

Chidori「5 meters drop」

Running down the rocks.

Shiragiku「8 meters drop」

It flows like a seam in rock.

Otome「13 meters drop」

The name is derived from the thin, linear flow in the bottom layer.

Hirosawa Otaki「25 meters drop」

It is the waterfall that has the highest drop among the Sanage Nana falls (7 waterfalls), but the volume of water is scarce and not powerful.

Rest area

Aichi-ken Toyota-shi Sanage-cho

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