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Narusawa Waterfall

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The Narusawa waterfall (鳴沢の滝) is about 15 meters high and is located at the northernmost point of Shinshiro City, Aichi. It is a waterfall with abundant water and is known as one of the best waterfalls in the Aichi region.

It is a waterfall over the Tokaizu River, which is a tributary of the Toyokawa, it has a mysterious charm that is created in combination with the surrounding vegetation, and the drops of water that fall into the 15-meter waterfall spreads out into the mist, which adds to the spectacle.

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Waterfall Entrance: Free │ Parking: Free

BBQ area Fee

In summer, for barbecue, a fee for use of the place (area) per person is charged.

Adult: 1.000 yen per personChildren: 500 yen per child.
Hours: from 8:00 to 17:00 hr.

* Note: The fee charged is only for people who are going to barbecue, visit the waterfall and bathe in the river is free.

Aichi-ken Shinshiro-shi Tsukudemoriyoshi Kodaki 80

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