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Mishima Sky Walk

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Mishima Sky walk (三島スカイウォーク) is a Forest Adventure Park, located in Mishima City in Shizuoka Prefecture, it is an adventure forest with a gigantic 400m suspension bridge 70m high, it is the largest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan, with the breathtaking view of the Mount Fuji, Suruga Bay and the Izu Mountains.

The Mishima Sky Walk Bridge took 3 years to complete and opened in December 2015 at a cost of around 4 billion yen.

Admission Fee:

  • Adult: 1.100 yen
  • High school children (from 16 years old): 500 yen
  • Elementary school children (ages 7 and up): 200 yen
  • Opening hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Subject to change due to events and weather)


  • Raincoat: Free
  • Wheelchairs: Free
  • Stroller: 500 yes

Parking: Free (400 vacancies)

ZIP Slide

Long – ZIP Slide, is a suspended slide 70m above the ground and 300m long, an incredible adventure and a wonderful view of the suspension bridge with Mount Fuji in the background. You will feel yourself flying in the sky as if you were a bird. As there are three lines, three people, including friends and family, can swipe at the same time.

  • Height: above 140 cm.
  • Weight: below 100 kg.
  • Children: only accompanied by an adult or guardian.
  • Admission Fee: 2.000 yen.

Forest Adventure / Canopy Adventure

Adventure in the forest (アドベンチャーコース), it is one of the largest sports parks in the region, making the most of nature at the height of the trees, the trees are playgrounds from 2 to 15 meters high. The adventure goes from tree to tree, an exciting adventure for kids and adults alike.

  • Height: above 140 cm.
  • Weight: below 130 kg.
  • Children: only accompanied with an adult.
  • Fee: 3.900 yen.

Canopy adventure (キャノピーコース), a canopy course with a little less height and difficulty, but with a lot of adventure. As it is a device with a safety feel, it can be used not only by children, but also by a greater number of people. Mount Fuji can be seen for part of the route.

  • Height: above 110 cm.
  • Weight: below 130 kg.
  • Children: only accompanied with an adult.
  • Fee: 2.900 yen.

Children’s Adventure

Children’s adventure (キッズコース), it is for the little ones a small platform (mini playgrounds) for children to enjoy and play. Although the height is low about 1 to 2 meters, the style and construction of the path is the same as the adult path, going from tree to tree to provide the same adventure.

  • Height: above 90 cm.
  • Children: the parent or guardian must watch the child from the floor (nearby), 4 children per guardian.
  • Fee: 1.500 yen.

Cliff Challenger

Cliff Challenger (クリフチャレンジャー), a 10 meter high wooden wall with rocks to climb with hands and feet.

  • Altura: acima de 110 cm.
  • Peso: abaixo de 130 kg.
  • Taxa: 1.000 ienes (10 minutos).
  • Height: above 110 cm.
  • Weight: below 130 kg.
  • Fee: 1.000 yen (10 minutes).

Segway Off-Road

Segway Off-Road (ツアーの風景), an off-road Segway ride through the forest full of nature.

  • Age: 16 to 70 years.
  • Children: Minors need parental consent.
  • Weight: from 45 kg to 118 kg.
  • Fee: 4.900 yen.

Gogo Buggy

Gogo Buggy, adventure with a powerful Buggy (ゴーゴーバギー), enjoy the natural terrain of the forest with plenty of obstacles for an amazing adventure on wheels.

  • Age: from 16 years old.
  • Height: above 140 cm.
  • Weight: below 100 kg.
  • Weight: from 45 kg to 118 kg.
  • Fee: 4.500 yen.

Dinosaur Adventure

Dinosaur Adventure, a maze with 8 dinosaurs with moves, you can acquire virtual weapons to shoot the dinosaurs, defeating the dinosaurs that attack when you look at them. And by collecting the stamps inside the labyrinth, you will receive a batch of dinosaur flat irons.

  • Labyrinth Fee: 500 yen.
  • Virtual Weapons Fee: 800 yen.

Kicoro Forest (Kicoroの森)

Fireworks (Hanabi)

In summer, the fireworks festival takes place at night. More than 2.000 fireworks are launched that light up the famous 400-meter walkway.

  • Date: August (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Opening hours: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Subject to change due to events and weather)
  • Fee: 2.000 yen

Shizuoka-ken Mishima-shi Sasahara Shinden 313

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